Can Wireslessly  Create An Amazing Sparkler Display!



The hottest special effects product in our pyrotechnic/close proximity line is our remote wireless table tops sparklers. They can hide almost anywhere.

They are being widely used in floral centerpieces.

The centerpiece sits in the middle of the table through the event and then on your custom cue they all light up magically. 

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Special Effects By: Brainchild FX, Inc.      PHOTO Courtesy By: Chameleon Productions


The sparklers have a height of thirty inches and are available in burn durations from fifteen seconds to 45 seconds.

We also have a smaller version which burns sixteen inches tall for the same length of time which is commonly used as a cake or food item enhancement. The same magical automatic light up is also available with these smaller sparklers.

They can be fired all together in groups, rows, waves whatever your imagination dreams up we will provide.










So, bring your ideas to us and we will help you to make it happen.  We work closely with each client to help build the "wow" aspect of each event and make it successfully spectacular.  Budget is always an issue but not a problem, as we always work around what our client can afford to spend.