Gives An Extraordinary Production Of Special Effects!



Brainchild FX was one of the forerunners in the field of Indoor Fireworks. We have been involved since it’s inception and are directly responsible for many of the effects and systems now available for indoor fireworks displays. We also offer effects that other companies can’t because our commitment has always been focused on originality.

Here are some commonly used indoor fireworks/ pyrotechnics:

  • Gerbs - shower of sparks, looks just like a fountain
  • Mines - colored stars flying from the ground into the air
  • Mortar hits - also knows as a fireball, it shoots a rolling ball of fire
  • Cannon simmulator - creates a concussion effect or loud boom
  • Comet - shoots a streak of sparks, like a comet
  • Flame projectors - shoots a column of flame with a loud roar
  • Waterfall - simmulates a waterfall but with sparks
  • Airburst - it bursts with sparkles & sometimes a bang  in the air
  • Whistle - creates a loud whistling noise, with or without a tail
  • Strobes - also known as flares, they look likea road flare on a smaller   scale that flashes and are available in a variety of colors

We can provide you with the most awesome indoor effects available today, or bring us your ideas and we’ll turn them into reality.


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