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Brainchild FX has just completed the first Iron Chef Interact 08 competition at the JW Marriott at Grande Lakes Resort. This is our first in a series of Iron Chef Competions for the year. The Iron Chef program is an interactive team building event for coporate clients. The JW Marriott has already booked five more Iron Chef programs for the near future and Brainchild Fx is proud to be part of this exciting program.

Brainchild FX is now on their sixth year of providing indoor pyrotechnics (fireworks) and large scale confetti and streamer launches for Get Motivated Seminars.

Get Motivated features such notable speakers like Zig Ziglar, Peter Lowe,          Gen. Colin Powell, Rudy Gulliani, Suze Orman, George Foreman, Dr. Robert Schuller, James Smith, Phil Town, Tom Hopkins, Bill Bartman, along with special guest appearances by Mikael Gorbachev, Bill Cosby, Gen. Tommy Franks, Goldie Hahn, Jerry Lewis, Ed McMahon, Joe Nemith, Peyton Manning, Mary Lou Retin, Sugar Ray Leonard, Reuben Gonzales, and many, many more.

The event is held in large city arenas and is presented in the round which offers many challenges to the fireworks technicians on the show. They must keep the safety of the audience as well as the speakers the top priority in this space where there is no margin for error. The speakers themselves are actually surrounded on all four sides by the fireworks.

The streamer launch for Gen Colin Powel's entrance (formerly used for Mayor Rudy Gulliani) covers the entire interior of the arena with a gigantic umbrella of red, white/silver and blue streamers and confetti (7200 streamers to be exact). The show even has cannon simulators installed under the stage for that added punch to really motivate the audience into a new level of excitement.


NBA Season 2007-2008 has ended. The entire Brainchild FX team are very proud to be part of this Orlando Magic's production team and this prestigeous organization as a whole. The addition of the new "Towering" 30-40ft. Column of Flame/ Fire Ball Flame Special effects for the Seasons's Grand Home Opening was highly praised for the Effects provided by Brainchild FX.

As the Orlando Magic Team prepares for their next season Brainchild FX will again be providing more exciting effects.

Brainchild FX, Inc. Sponsored "PASSIONATTA" an Idea Factory Event for event planners at the Mansion in Miami, FL. by Event Solutions. 

As a Sponsor, Brainchild FX provided varieties of special effects such as CryoJets, Confetti Blasts, Low Lying Fog & Regular Fog, & a Blacklight "Glowing Bubbles" Storm. The event was spectacularly put together with over-the-top decorations and set pieces for each room and equally over-the-top production numbers.

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