Takes The Challenge Of Custom Needs For Corporate Events!

Brainchild FX specializes in spectacular effects for you event. Our hottest effect right now is the table top centerpiece sparkler. The sparklers hide in the centerpiece un-noticed until on your cue they all magically light up. The sparklers are wireless so the guests have no clue that there is anything in the centerpiece. Imagine the surprise and reaction you'll see when they all light up together. They can be hidden anywhere around or in the room, they are not limited to being in the centerpiece. Maybe you have a wild idea we can bring to reality for you you. 

Brainchild FX also offers:
Choreographed Fireworks Displays
Indoor Close Proximity Pyrotechnics
Streamer and Confetti launches
Confetti Storms
Colored Burning Flames
Co2 Cryojet effects
Bubbles and Blacklight bubbles

We would be more than happy to discuss you ideas to make you next special event spectacular. From weddings to corporate events we can customize a very special presentation at an off the shelf price.